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How to Choose Resources: Interviewing

Make the most of your time.

Activity:  Print this activity.

Think of a person in your school or neighborhood who has an interesting job or hobby that you would like to learn more about.

  • Write down five questions that you'd like to ask this person.
  • Show your questions to a parent or teacher and ask permission to interview the person.

Some examples of people to interview:

  •     a grandparent
  •     your school librarian, principal, or custodian
  •     the oldest person in your neighborhood
  •     a person you admire
  •     a policeman, fireman, or ambulance worker
  •     a war veteran
  •     a person from another country

Write down five or more questions that you'll ask during the interview.  Leave space after the question so you can record their response as you interview them.

Person Interviewed:

Date of Interview: