Changes to Educator Access

In the summer of 2023, the OSLIS Committee made some changes to educator access with the goal of simplifying access and navigation for all OSLIS users. This is a summary of those changes:

  • The OSLIS landing page and the Switch Site menu no longer list Elementary Educator or Secondary Educator.
  • When a user clicks on the remaining Elementary or Secondary option, the page that opens will display student content at the top and educator content at the bottom. Basically, the former educator view is now the default view, but "educator" does not appear in the URL. 
  • The Educator Content section will always be toggled closed. A light grey color and message will indicate if there is currently no educator content available. No grey and no message means there is content, which anyone can access by toggling the section open. 
  • The Educator Content section will automatically include a link that will open a version of the page that does not include educator content. Educators may choose to share that link with students or to share the URL at the top of the page. If sharing the latter, students will see the full page, including the option to open the Educator Content section. 

If you bookmarked any OSLIS educator pages, please update your bookmarks. 

Questions? Please use the Feedback form linked at the top and bottom of OSLIS pages to contact the School Library Consultant at the State Library of Oregon.

Thanks for using and promoting OSLIS!

Educator Content There is currently no educator content for this page.