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September 8, 2009

Gale Databases Training Reminder for 9/9, 9/10, & 9/11


The email below is from Ann Reed, my coworker at the State Library who is coordinating the on-site Gale trainings.  It includes the registration link.    

You can attend the two September 9th sessions in person at Blue Mountain CC in Pendleton or via Polycom broadcast at select locations:
     Polycom sites (please contact to confirm ahead of time):


            Hermiston Public Library                      541-567-2882

            Eastern Oregon University Library

            Grant County ESD                     



            Hermiston Public Library                      541-567-2882

            Klamath County Library                       541-882-8895 ext. 25

            LaGrande Public Library                       541-962-1339

            Siuslaw Public Library                          541-997-3132

            Southern Oregon ESD                          541-772-2751

            Baker County Library District               541-523-6419

            Wallowa County ESD                          541-426-7607 ext. 6105


I will be on vacation Friday so if you have questions then about the training scheduled for that day, contact Ann.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Library Development
Oregon State Library
250 Winter Street NE
Salem, OR  97301-3950

Gale Databases Training Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the first round of on-site trainings begins tomorrow, September 9.

It’s not too late to register at:

Please contact Ann Reed at Library Development Services, Oregon State Library at 503-378-5027 or .

Event description:
Gale's database training will cover the various product platforms/interfaces, providing libraries with solutions for managing periodical, reference and primary source information.

These presentation-style training events will provide participants with an in-depth overview of the Gale databases.

Upon completion of this course, participants in the training session will understand the applications of the following features available in the platform.*

·         Various search options
·         Managing search results
·         Featured content, including the What's New Section (Most Searched & Most Emailed)
·         Search within results; limit results by subject, publication, document type and date sliders
·         Context-sensitive multimedia, including images and podcasts
·         More limiting capabilities, including a controlled vocabulary browse that allows users to refine their searches with multiple subject  terms
         Limit by publication, publication subject category, language, reading level and many more options Enhanced Publication Search:
·         Browse through Gale's 20,000 publications, refining by subject and type
·         New hover technology allows user to see more details without clicking through
·         Name any search so that you can receive search alerts and save them in your custom profile

*Not all features are available in every database.


Places, Times and Dates

September 9-11, 2009 (I-84 corridor)


            September 9, Wednesday

                        Pendleton, Blue Mountain Community College

                                    Room 118, Emigrant Hall


                                   8:30-11:30 am              academic focus, but all welcome


                                    2-5 pm                         school/public focus


                        Address:           2411 NW Carden Ave                        




Polycom transmission of the screen in these sessions is available.  Viewers will be able to ask questions with the video conference equipment.


Polycom sites (please contact to confirm ahead of time):


            Hermiston Public Library                        541-567-2882

            Eastern Oregon University Library

            Grant County ESD         



            Hermiston Public Library                      541-567-2882

            Klamath County Library                       541-882-8895 ext. 25

            LaGrande Public Library                       541-962-1339

            Siuslaw Public Library                          541-997-3132

            Southern Oregon ESD                          541-772-2751

            Baker County Library District   541-523-6419

            Wallowa County ESD                          541-426-7607 Ext. 6105



            September 10, Thursday

                        The Dalles, Columbia Gorge Community College

                                    Building 3, Computer Lab


                     9-12 am           academic focus, but all welcome


                     2-5 pm             school/public


Address:           400 East Scenic Drive




September 11, Friday

            Portland, Midland Branch Library, Multnomah County Libraries

                        Meeting Room


                                   9-12 am           school/public


                                    2-5 pm             academic focus, but all welcome


Address:           805 S.E. 122nd Avenue, (503) 988-5392‎       


October 13-14, 2009 (South Willamette Valley / Central Oregon)


October 13, Tuesday

Eugene, Northwest Christian University*

Banquet Room, Burke-Griffeth Hall


9-12 am           academic focus, but all welcome


2-5 pm             school/public


*carpooling suggested


Address:           828 East 11th Ave., 541-684-7235


Campus map:



October 14, Wednesday

Bend, Deschutes Public Library System

Large Meeting Room, Administration Building*    


                                    12-3 pm           School/public


*(different from Bend Public Library)


Address:           507 NW Wall St., 541-617-7050


October 27, 2009 (Portland area)


October 27, Tuesday

Tualatin, Tualatin Public Library

Meeting Room


                                   9-12 am           academic


                                    2-5 pm             school/public


Address:   18880 SW Martinazzi Ave, (503) 692-2000



November 3-6, 2009 (I-5 corridor / coast)


            November 3, Tuesday

                        Medford, Jackson County Library Services

                        Large Meeting Room, Medford Library Branch


9-12 am           academic


2-5 pm             school/public


Address:           205 S Central Ave, (541) 774-8689



November 4, Wednesday 

North Bend, North Bend Public Library

            Meeting Room


2-5 pm             school/public


Address: 1800 Sherman Ave, (541) 756-0400



November 5, Thursday

            Salem, Willamette University

Library Classroom, 2nd Floor, Hatfield Library


2-5 pm             academics


Address: 900 State Street, 503-370-6312


Campus Map:


November 6, Friday

Salem, Oregon State Library

            Room 103


9-12 am           school/public

Address:           205 Winter St., 503-378-2464



Ann Reed, Federal Programs Coordinator
Library Development Services
Oregon State Library
250 Winter St.
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 378-5027
fax (503) 378-6439


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