December 10, 2013

LearningExpress Library Upgrade Coming in January

LearningExpress has updated the LearningExpress Library interface, and in January, the Statewide Database Licensing Program will begin the transition from version 2.0 to 3.0.

What is LearningExpress Library?
LearningExpress Library helps students and adult learners improve the skills required for academic and career success. Popular software tutorials, Internet instruction, and basic computer instruction are also included. Some of the practice tests include GED, COOP, HSPT, SAT, ACT, AP, PSAT/NMSQT, ACCUPLACER, ASSET, and COMPASS, career certification tests such as NCLEX-RN, Praxis I® and II, and more. Plus, there are practice sets and tutorials to develop skills in math, reading, writing, and basic sciences.

What is Different about 3.0?
Upgraded features in LearningExpress Library 3.0 include a new format and new user interface that provide easier access to content. Centers, or collections of related materials organized around a theme or classification of user, include the following:

•    School Center (grades 4–12)
•    College Center
•    GED Test Prep Center
•    College Preparation Center
•    Career Center
•    Adult Learning Center
•    Recursos para Hispanhoblantes (Spanish) Centers

The new test preparation features include learner, exam, and simulation modes. In learner mode, users can view the answers to each question as they go along to help them study. For practice mode, answers with explanations are viewable after the test is finished, and if the test is timed, the timer will display but will not be enforced. In simulation mode, the test will stop when the timer is up. There will be other changes, too.

How Does the Upgrade Impact Users?
The update of LearningExpress Library and the shift to a new platform requires users to re-register their accounts. Accounts from LearningExpress 2.0 will not be carried over to the new version. Users should be encouraged to finish their work in Version 2.0, re-register their account in Version 3.0, and start new work in version 3.0.

In addition, all new content added to LearningExpress Library, including materials for the new 2014 GED test, will only be available in version 3.0.

How Will the Transition Work?
In early January, I will add a custom URL for version 3.0 to OSLIS. Students and educators will have the option to create 3.0 accounts immediately or to finish work in 2.0 before transitioning to 3.0. Please note that LearningExpress will only support access to version 2.0 through June 2014.

How Do I Create a LearningExpress Library Account?
When someone registers for or accesses an account with a subscription-based product, the vendor needs a way to know that person has the right to use their product. LearningExpress uses the referring URL, coming from OSLIS, as authentication during account registration. That means anyone who registers for a LearningExpress Library account must start from the LEL links on the OSLIS Find Information pages. If you add the LEL link to your school library’s website, users will get error messages when using that link to sign up for an LEL account. (If you want to have a link called LearningExpress Library on your library website, I encourage you to direct it to the appropriate Find Information page on OSLIS, like this one for secondary students:, where LEL is prominently featured.)

How Do I Learn More about Version 3.0?
LearningExpress Library provides regularly scheduled webinars specifically on the new features of 3.0. Please go to their product training site to register. The next scheduled live session is December 18, 2013.

There are also recorded videos introducing Version 3.0.

Promotional materials for Version 3.0 are available, too.

If you have questions about LearningExpress Library, the transition to 3.0, or how to access this resource, please ask.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library
250 Winter Street NE
Salem, OR 97301