May 5, 2014

New Interface for Kids InfoBits

About a month ago, I let you know that the interface for Kids InfoBits would be updated in early May. Recall t hat Kids InfoBits is a Gale database specifically designed for students in grades K thru 5. The Kids InfoBits interface has been dramatically redesigned. While users can still drill down by topic or search by keywords to find information, the new interface is more modern and includes more features, like the ability to translate articles into 12 different languages.

The update is now live on the elementary Find Information pages on OSLIS. While Kids InfoBits is not featured on the secondary Find Information pages, users can see a list of all of the Gale databases we have access to via the statewide contract by clicking on PowerSearch. There is a PowerSearch link on all Find Information pages -- elementary student, elementary educator, secondary student, and secondary educator.

I noticed that because of the way the Kids InfoBits homepage is designed, you only see half of the topic options. Once on the homepage, click on the orange arrow to the left to see the other half. That’s only of note if students are using the pictures as clues to drill down by topic.

For those who want to learn about or promote the new Kids InfoBits, there are many resources.

Questions? Please ask.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library