November 4, 2016

New Way to Access Research & Step Videos on OSLIS =>

As you are hopefully aware, the OSLIS committee has added videos to OSLIS over the last year. For the elementary and secondary versions of OSLIS, there is a brief overview video that explains how to use the site plus videos that serve as introductions to each step of the research process. For secondary, there are also 10 instructional videos on various research topics; elementary equivalents should be ready by summer 2017.

Each video is embedded in OSLIS but streams from Vimeo. There's also a direct link to Vimeo for a full screen view. And, there's a link to watch through YouTube.

Today we added a link for each video. SafeShare offers a way to "share videos with children without being afraid that they can get to potentially inappropriate content," and it is free of ads. In my experience, it can take 5 to 15 seconds for a SafeShare page to load, but then the video plays fine. Our testing shows that the SafeShare link works for districts that block Vimeo or YouTube.

The videos are scattered throughout OSLIS, but there are also master lists for quick access. There's one list in alphabetical order by title of video (secondary, elementary) and one list organized by the step of the research process (secondary). We will create a "by step" elementary page once the elementary research videos are ready around the summer of 2017; the step introduction videos are available from the elementary link above.

This previous announcement has more information about the research videos.

Questions? Please ask.


Jennifer Maurer
School Library Consultant
Oregon State Library